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The perfect gift,

4GIFT is a gifting CTA fully integrated in your eCommerce platform to increase your online revenues and enhance online gifting functionalities.
Customers can choose to team gift or gift by themselves, without having to know size, color, fit or delivery address.
The gift recipient will be able to customize each gift to their liking, and choose the preferred delivery address.

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The personal stylist
for your ecommerce

Style Genie is our predictive product finder with a machine learning model it’s core. Based on it’s predictions we archieve exceptional levels of automation and optimization, at any scale

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Our advanced AI is analyzing your
preferences to present you with
the best options

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The personal stylist
for your ecommerce

A new omnichannel experience to accompany the clients during the gifting moment on special occasions like Weddings, Baby Showers and Birthdays.

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Innovative Solution

Joining our platform grants you exclusive access to thoughtfully curated catalogs from top-tier brands. 

This ensures that the gifts you present to employees, suppliers, VIP clients, and influencers are of the highest quality, a true reflection of your brand’s values.

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